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With 50 years of experience in metallurgy and engineering services, East African Foundry Works and Alloy Steel Castings Limited are reputed for being leading providers of customized, ferrous and non-ferrous quality Castings, Machining services, Fabrication & Welding services, and General Engineering Solutions.

We currently produce over 48 different standardized specifications of Steel and Alloy Irons, ranging from 5 kgs to 4,000 kgs per piece. We cater for the growing need for locally manufactured custom made, quality spare parts manufactured to international standards such as BS 497 and EN24 standards complaint to grade EN-124 & G.G.25. We also follow the ISO: 9001:2015 standard processes.

We focus to achieve high quality products and services within short lead times using high-quality materials, precision equipment, accurate manufacturing processes and skilled personnel.


To enable all manufacturers in Africa to operate efficiently.


To partner with manufacturers in Africa to become globally competitive by providing reliable mechanical spares and services.


Customer Service

Our team of engineers are ready to answer any questions you might have concerning a product and are able to give you the best advice in regards to any of our products.

Timely Delivery

Our adherence to deadlines so that you don’t end up with down times is one of the things we do best.

Certified Mechanics

We have a team of certified professionals that ensure your products come in the best quality.

Affordable prices

We offer competitive pricing and according to the market place.

Your reliable partner for quality castings and mechanical engineering services